Text to Join

Text 920-375-7597 to Join

Although we were officially cool last year, we’ve recently changed our texting platform which means you’ll need to opt-in to continue receiving text messages from us.

To opt-in and continue receiving messages you can simply Text to Join. Text the word Join to (920) 375-7597 and after the word Join type in the email address and send. When you receive the response type in YES and send. You’ll receive a confirmation text that you’ve been opted-in. You can opt-out at anytime.

And as before with our old text provider, you have our commitment:

  • The maximum text messages you’ll receive from us each month is 3 (if any)
  • All messages will be church related, relevant and time sensitive in nature
  • If there’s nothing to communicate during any given month, then you won’t hear from us
  • Once you opt-in, you can opt-out at anytime

What we WON’T DO:

  • We WON’T send reminders about when worship is (we assume you know that!)
  • We WON’T remind you of communion days (we assume you know that, too!)
  • We WON’T send reminders about when Pantry days occur
  • We WON’T text you earlier than 8am and no later than 9pm
  • We WON’T clutter your message inbox with irrelevant messages
  • We WON’T disrespect your message inbox

What we WILL DO:

  • Above all we give you our promise that we WILL respect your message inbox!
  • We WILL only send relevant, church related, time sensitive messages such as weather alerts that might cause cancellations or reminders of important events about to happen

Thank you for being part of our text communication efforts!