Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children’s Mission

Feeding God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit.

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First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay is proud to have partnered with Feed My Starving Children since 2013.

Every year, millions of children die from preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and undernutrition. Hunger is still causing nearly half of deaths in children under 5 years old. From this data, Feed My Starving Children estimates at least 6,200 children die each day from causes related to undernutrition. This is heartbreaking.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) believes hope starts with food. As a Christian nonprofit, FMSC is dedicated to seeing every child whole in body and spirit. FMSC meals are developed by food science and nutrition professionals to supplement nutritional needs and reduce problems with malnutrition. Nutrition allows children to grow, thrive and develop to their full potential.

Our First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay youth ministry volunteers have a one-of-a-kind experience each year. They hand-pack rice, soy, dried vegetables and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals into bags which are then sealed, boxed, placed on pallets and shipped to FMSC partners who work hard to reach the neediest children around the world.

Nine Feed My Starving Children volunteers
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Our youth volunteers have the chance to impact hundreds of kids in just two hours per packing shift. They experience what it’s like to make a tangible difference today.

If you feel God’s calling you to get involved, please contact Kirke Ryder at kirke.ryder@gmail.com.

To learn more about Feed My Starving Children visit https://www.fmsc.org

Please take a moment to watch this short video announcement, which also includes a very special thank you from members of the Green Bay MobilePack Partner Board.

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Father Bob Kabat with more info and re: Churches Involved
Children of all ages talk about FMSC MobilePack
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