Augusta Jeffery Nomination form

2024 Nomination Form – Augusta Jeffrey Recognition Award

Guidelines: The family of Augusta Jeffrey has presented First Presbyterian Church with a fund from which a recognition award is to be presented each year to a member for outstanding volunteer efforts within the Church and through its programs. Nominees will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Board of Deacons, and an award recipient selected by a consensus, according to the information provided on this form. You may nominate more than one person, but please limit your nominations to only one person per form. This nomination form must be filled out completely to be accepted. Areas of service may include but are not limited to: mission, worship, member care, Christian education, administration, and evangelism.

During the first week of March, nomination forms will be reviewed and a winner will be selected.

Each year, the recipient of the Augusta Jeffrey Memorial Award designate an area of ministry in which the Church is engaged that they choose to receive a financial boost. A list of possible recipients of this memorial fund will be provided to the committee to choose from, but choices will not be limited to the list. The names of all nominees will be published after the award is given.