Name that Member! And, the BIG REVEAL

Name that Member

About Name that Member!

We’re excited to tell you about a new feature of our social media and newsletter: Name that Member!

We debuted “Name that Member!” on our social channels with Ginny Amen’s 103rd birthday and we’d like to feature YOU too in an upcoming Monday Member Spotlight!

We know how long you’ve been a member of the church and when your birthday is, but what else do we know about you?

Where did you grow up? How many brothers and sisters do you have? What’s your favorite childhood memory? What was your first pet? Or have you not had one yet? What’s your favorite activity? What’s your favorite movie? Favorite song? What’s one thing that no one would ever guess about you?

Tell us your story! Let’s have some fun and get to know each other a little better.

Please email with your fun facts so we can feature you in an upcoming Monday Member Spotlight so fellow members can Name that Member!

July – Name that Member – BIG REVEAL!

Earlier this week we featured our July Name that Member through email and our social media and now it’s time for the BIG REVEAL! In case you missed it, here’s our member’s story:

• I grew up in Ames, Iowa until I was almost 7 and then we moved to Green Bay
• I have 1 brother and 2 sisters
• My favorite childhood memory is going to western Iowa to visit my mom’s parents and spend quality time with my cousins
• My first pet growing up was a medium sized dog named Magoo; after we got married, a parakeet named Toby. We ended up having 7 parakeets at one point.
• My favorite activity is spending time with family is first, especially grandkids. Crafting and gardening are a very close tie for second. Traveling in the Midwest is third.
• My favorite movie is Major League
• My favorite song is Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
• Something no one would guess about me is that I have a habit of ‘rescuing’ plants from garden centers toward the end of the summer when they end up on a clearance table and they look real sad. I end up with more than I can plant before it gets cold, so they winter in my garage so I can plant them the following spring.

Who am I?

Do you give up?

I’m Becky Christianson! Betcha didn’t know all that about Becky, did you?

Tell us your story! Email so you can be featured in an upcoming Name that Member profile!

July 2022 Rundown

Monthly Rundown

HAPPY Birthday, Ginney Amen!

Ginney Amen was featured in our debut publication of Name that Member! on her birthday, June 9th, when she turned 103. Wowzah! In case you missed Name that Member, Ginney’s the oldest member of our church being a child of a member since 1931, then confirmed in 1933. In Name that Member we had some fun facts about Ginney being the master organizer of cabinets and closets, her maiden name begins with the letter P, and she went downhill skiing in her 90’s. Again, WOWZAH! We are so blessed to have Ginney in our family of faith!

#FirstPresGB Softball Team continues to hit it out of the Park

Since our June newsletter, our softball team has scored wins for their 3rd (10 to 4) and 4th (25 to 8!) week games but our 5th game we suffered our first defeat at 0-5 and our second defeat during our 6th game on June 26 with a score of 8-14. But we’re not letting that get us down. We plan to come back strong for our upcoming 7th game!

Since our game opener on May 15th our league standing is at 4-2.

We have a bye week for the 4th of July weekend but our final game before playoffs will take place on Sunday, July 10th at 5:30pm on Field 2. Please join us for a night of fun and fellowship! Playoff games to be announced – stay tuned.

Church Chix had a blast

Our Church Chix gathered for their June social on June 9th at the Village Grille in Allouez. We had 14 Chix in attendance. The restaurant was great, service was great and there was great food – but more importantly there was great laughter, fun and fellowship!

Join the Chix for their July social at 1951 West on July 21st at 6pm. Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board or RSVP to Hope you can join the Chix!

Outdoor Worship & Potluck Picnic FUN!

We were blessed to have beautiful weather for our outdoor worship and potluck picnic on Sunday, June 26th.

The Noah’s Ark story was shared in a fun and silly way, with the congregation providing sound effects and a full rainstorm. A paper dove flew over our heads and rainbow streamers reminded us of God’s everlasting promise. Special thanks to the Deacons and Joel Morien for help to make it all happen; Jill Stenson’s solo of “Every time I Feel the Spirit” was a highlight.

After worship, hotdogs on the grill and side dishes were provided by all of you—and we gathered for a potluck picnic with GREAT food and fabulous fellowship. Many recipes were exchanged between members. Thank you to all who were able to join us!

Congratulations 2022 Graduates


We are so proud of our Class of 2022 high school graduates – Evan Hansen and Morgan Siewert! CONGRATULATIONS! As they take their next steps in life’s post-high school journey, we are there as a community to support them. They’ll be sadly missed in our youth group gatherings, but we look forward to seeing them grow in their faith as young adults. Evan and Morgan’s graduation story and plans for their future are as unique as they are special.

Evan Hansen
Evan Hansen

Evan graduated on June 12th from Bay Port High School. Evan’s immediate plans are pursuing a career with Seura Outdoor TV’s as a technical engineer while also planning to take few classes at NWTC. We wish you all the best in your new career, Evan!

Morgan graduated on June 5th from Green Bay Southwest High School. She plans to continue her education at St. Norbert College where she’ll double major in biomedical sciences and psychology. Megan has received the Presidential Scholarship awarded by St. Norbert College. She’ll miss participating in Student Council during high school years along with her favorite high school memory of homecoming football games, but she looks forward to creating new memories during her college years. Congratulations, Morgan!

Thank you to all who joined us on graduation Sunday, June 19th when we celebrated Evan and Morgan’s educational accomplishments during worship with a special reception that followed.

Morgan Siewert
Morgan Siewert

We also extend congratulations to our college graduates:
• Julia Doenges, daughter of Georjeanna and Vern Doenges, who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a degree in Communications with emphases in Health Communication and Organizational Communication.
• Olivia Crooks, daughter of Lori and Hank Crooks, who graduated from Concordia University, Mequon with a BS degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders.
• Taylor Wittman, daughter of Amy and Scott Wittman, who graduated from Carroll College in Waukesha with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health.
• Emma Smith, daughter of Ellen and Al Smith, who graduated from Mt. Mary University in Milwaukee with a Master of Science in Counseling.
• Kerri Gouldkristine, daughter of Sarah Gouldkristine, who graduated from UW Stout with a BA Degree in Advanced Logics.

Blessings to one and all as you move forward in your post-graduate journey!