July 2024 Rundown

Monthly Rundown

Church Chix Socials

The Chix had a fabulous time at their June 6th social. There were 5 Chix in attendance when they dined at Highland Howies Pub & Grill. The food and service were excellent and there was an abundance of laughter throughout the evening. The next social is planned for July 11th at 6pm when the Chix will dine on the West side of town at Parker John’s BBQ & Pizza located at 2851 S. Oneida Street. To RSVP there’s a sign up sheet on the bulletin board or email office@firstpresgreenbay.org.

Graduation Sunday

On Sunday, June 9th we celebrated the graduation of Nana Berko and Gaby Jimenez. It was a fantastic celebration where we recognized all their accomplishments and the pursuit of their gifts. Nana graduated from Xavier High School on May 29th and will study Biology/Pre-med at Macalester College. Gaby graduated early in January from Preble High School and will be attending Empire Beauty School with the goal of owning her own beauty salon post graduation. They were reminded that their church family is here for them as they journey forward. Check out our photo gallery!

Lillian Walker Baptism

Congratulations and blessings to Lillian Walker and family on her baptism last month. She was surrounded by her extended family and friends, and it was wonderful to have so many guests with us in worship. While Pastor Katie was expected to carry Lilly down the aisle to introduce her, it was decided that carrying an 11-year-old was not necessary! Check out our photo gallery!

Confirmation Cookout

The confirmation cookout was an awesome experience with everyone in attendance. Several games were played, prizes were awarded and it was a fantastic time. Everyone brought a dish to pass and George grilled out the main course. It was an amazing evening that had the 3 F’s—fun, food and fellowship. Thank you to everyone who attended and to our hosts George and Brenda Hubbard who put together an incredible party for the confirmands and mentors.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Big thanks to everyone who helped make the parking lot project such a success! We were able to communicate the need to our neighbors who park with us to clear the lot for several days and church members mostly stayed away also, so the company had an easy time of cleaning, sealing, and then striping the newly refreshed surface. It is great to have the wider parking spaces as well.

Potluck Picnic 2024
Potluck Picnic 2024

Outdoor Worship & Potluck Picnic

Our annual outdoor service was great fun this year, though once again we had to move inside due to weather.  We did have plenty of people and a hilarious re-telling of the story of Jonah the prophet, with a jellyfish and singing sailors. We are grateful to the large cast of characters who quickly pivoted to a sanctuary setting—it still worked!  We all have a better understanding of what it must have been like in the belly of that great fish, how to befriend a jellyfish when you need help, and what it means to wear sackcloth and ashes when you have to repent. The potluck picnic was especially delicious this year, too.

Personal Hygiene Drive

Personal Hygiene Supply Drive

Thank you to everyone who supported our personal hygiene drive that benefited the Child Protective Services and Foster Care systems in Brown County. Special thanks to our confirmands and kids from the Nativity of Our Lord on Oneida Street who made substantial donations.

Softball Stats

Our softball season got underway in May and the team was so excited to be back on the field. Unfortunately our efforts didn’t result in a win for games 2 thru 5 in June. We’ve put up a good fight and gotten better with each game but haven’t been able to bring home a win yet this season. But we’re not going to get discouraged! We keep swinging and shooting for a win. Our last game of the season will be on Sunday, July 14th at Field 3 and we play ball at 6:45pm. Please come out and join us for the final game of the season before play offs!

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