June 2023 – Faith Facts:

Faith Facts

Our Name that Member! feature gave us the opportunity to learn just how well we really know each other, our Did you know? Tuesday Trivia! shows us how well we know our church but we’re pleased to ask yet another question—How well do we know our faith?

Well, we’re excited to tell you that our newest newsletter feature is Faith Facts: which aims to tell us just how well we know our faith. Our June Faith Facts is courtesy of Russ Christensen. Thank you, Russ, for your contribution!

Are you ready to play?


Why is our altar not against the wall where they are located in most other churches?
(choose one or more of the following answers)

A) When it was against the wall, it blended in too well; its seen better where it currently is.

B) When communion was being served it always had to be pulled out from the wall for the minister to stand behind it. Once, someone forgot to place it back against the wall and because it looked good where it was, it stayed there.

C) Prior to remodeling in the 1950’s it was underneath the choir/organ balcony and the minister did not stand behind it.

D) Both A & B

E) A, B and C

F) None of the above

F – None of the above
Presbyterian churches don’t have altars. Altars indicate a place of sacrifice. Though some denominations do have altars, Presbyterians do not. We believe Christ was the ultimate sacrifice, and no others, or re-representations are needed. Presbyterians have a communion table as represented through Christ’s last supper. (Please stop calling it an altar….if you do.)

Did you guess correct, or did you learn something new?

Thanks for playing!

If you have Presbyterian faith facts to share, please contact Pastor Katie at kestes@firstpresgreenbay.org and become a contributor to an upcoming Faith Facts: