August 8, 2023 – Did you know?

Did you know? Tuesday Trivia!

Our Name that Member! feature gave us the opportunity to learn just how well we really know each other. But how well do we know our church?

Here’s this week’s Did you know? Tuesday Trivia!

Our church congregation was established May 26, 1876 therefore we are appropriately named First Presbyterian Church.



Here’s why the answer is FALSE: The church we know as Union Congregational located at 716 S. Madison Street chartered September 21, 1835 and was named First Presbyterian Church because they were the first Presbyterian Church in Green Bay. At that time, Union also shared affiliation with the Congregational Conference. In 1851 Union ceased its affiliation with the Presbyterian Church and became a charter member of the Winnebago Association and Wisconsin Conference of Congregational Churches so they no longer used the name First Presbyterian Church making it available for our use 25 years later in 1876. We weren’t actually the first but the second albeit we had the hand me down name which allowed us to become the “First” when we were established 41 years after the official First Presbyterian Church was established.

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