Tuesday Trivia Will Retire In May

Did you know? Tuesday Trivia

Our Name that Member which debuted in 2022 gave us the opportunity to learn more about our fellow members and once that feature retired, the Communications Committee pondered what new feature could we offer members that would draw us closer to one another and closer to our church?

Thanks to documents found in Communication’s files which archived facts from our church history, Did You Know? Tuesday Trivia! debuted in March of 2023. We started with 28 factoids that have been published twice a month via email and we’re sad to say that we’re unfortunately down to our last couple trivia. The final publications of Did you know? Tuesday Trivia! will be published during the month of May. Our email stats for Tuesday Trivia show that on average 6-7 out of every 10 people took the time to read our email and click over to view the answer. We’re so pleased that our feature showed such a positive response from our member and non-member email list subscribers. Hopefully everyone learned a little something about the Church history that they didn’t know before.

And, if you missed any of our publications, all are archived on our website in our Happening Now section. Simply select Did you know? Tuesday Trivia! from the navigation bar on that page and you’ll be able to view all 28 of our church history trivia.

Thanks to everyone for playing Did you know? Tuesday Trivia!