New 2024 Bible Study begins in January

Channel Markers: Wisdom from the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount by William G. Enright is the title of a new Bible study beginning January 10th & 11th and continuing through the season of Lent.

Eleven weeks may feel like a long haul, but it is split into two distinct sections and as always, participants are welcome to come and go as needed.

We meet on Wednesday evenings via Zoom at 6:30p and Thursday mornings at 11a in person at the church.

Consider beginning this new year with a commitment to studying God’s Word!

Channel markers are the signs that help sailors navigate through shallow, potentially dangerous waters. Our quest to live as God’s people call us to listen for words of wisdom from such “channel markers”—for life is a journey with choices to be made, values to be pursued, and priorities to be set.

In this study, the author describes the Ten Commandments and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as channel markers and offers new insights on these key pieces of scripture. Responding to our culture’s hunger for ethical guidance, he examines each commandment and the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount to explore why these texts are relevant today.

Books are available in the church office for $10 each. Please come join us!