May 9, 2023 – Did you know?

Did you know? Tuesday Trivia!

Our Name that Member! feature gave us the opportunity to learn just how well we really know each other. But how well do we know our church?

Here’s this week’s Did you know? Tuesday Trivia!

How much money was set aside in 1900 for a horse and buggy?

  • $10
  • $30
  • $25


Minutes of the Sael Society of Christian Endeavor dated January 18, 1900: “Moved and carried that we set aside $25.00 for horse and buggy, but that the amount be not taken from the general fund but that it be raised by the committee in some other way.”

And, if you remember our April 11th Did You Know? was that in 1898 (2 years earlier) the Pastor’s annual salary was $20. Wow! They pledged $25 for a horse and buggy in 1900 but in 1898 the Pastor’s annual salary was $20. And we think the price of eggs is a lot for our budget these days!

Thanks for playing!

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