Coming Soon – Did you know? Tuesday Trivia!

Did you know? Tuesday Trivia

Our Name that Member! feature gave us the opportunity to learn just how well we really know each other. But how well do we know our church?

Well, we’re delighted to tell you that you’ll soon have the chance to learn just how well you know the church. Coming soon in April is our newest feature Did You Know? Tuesday Trivia!

Each month we’ll share with you our church fun facts that we’ve learned from various sources like past minutes, annual reports, the Board of Trustees, and more! Much like Name that Member! you’ll receive your Tuesday Trivia in your inbox with a multiple choice or true/false answers for you to choose from. The correct answer will be revealed through a link to our website Tuesday Trivia portal, which can be found in our Happening Now section.

But wait – there’s more! We want you to do more than play Did you know?, we’d also like you to contribute! If you have some church fun facts to share, please send those to Cheri at and we’ll have your contribution added to an upcoming Did you know? Tuesday Trivia!