2023 Youth Pool Party

Pool Party July 20, 2023

Calling all #FirstPresGB Youth!

Youth Group may have started their summer hiatus but why go the whole summer without seeing each other? Join us for our annual Youth Pool Party!

Bring your friends – the more the merrier!

Our hostess, Loni McCormick, invites all youth to her home on Thursday, July 20th from 1p till 4, 4:30p. Loni will provide the beverages, but youth are asked to bring a snack to share.

We’re hoping for a warm summer day to relax in or by the pool to have some fun, play some games, splash around and take time to reconnect over the summer. So, grab your sunglasses, swimsuit, pool toys and a snack to share and join the fun at Loni’s pool!

For questions please contact Loni at (920) 655-8258 or pmccormick1@new.rr.com or contact Joel Morien at (920) 437-8121 or email ce@firstpresgreenbay.org.

We hope to see you poolside!