Through Artist’s Eyes: God’s Word on Canvas

Bible Study

Through Artist’s Eyes: God’s Word on Canvas is a new short-term Bible study that will begin on Wednesday April 27 and Thursday April 28 and runs for six weeks. The Wednesday group meets via Zoom at 6:30 pm each week and the Thursday group meets in person at 11:00 am each week.

For centuries, the Bible’s dramatic accounts have inspired artists to express the beauty, emphasize the power, and elaborate on the meaning of God’s Word. This study is designed to help people connect classic art to the Bible and then apply the truths discovered to their own lives. Together we will experience the artistry of six classic paintings while discovering and discussing the scriptural inspiration behind each one.

Each week’s lesson stands alone, so participants are welcome to attend as their schedule allows. There is no book to purchase, as each week’s paintings and scripture will be provided to participants in preparation for the lesson. These Zoom or in person gatherings will give us an opportunity to connect with one another and consider new insights into scripture and classical art. Please contact Pastor Katie Estes at or by calling the church office at 920-437-8121 to indicate your interest and join in the study.