New Bible Study begins in May, 2023

Bible Study

The Bible looms large over our culture. It has been the impetus for both much good and much terror. Most of us learned certain Bible stories as children and may not have moved on from those teachings or understandings.

Think about the story of Noah and the flood, or Jonah and the whale, or the sacrifice of Isaac—they all were probably part of the formation of your concept of God. Then think about Zacchaeus up in the tree, or some of the tricky parables, or all the healing miracles—those were probably part of the formation of your concept of Jesus. But might we read those stories through a different lens now, as adults?

Bible Stories for Grown-Ups: Reading Scripture with New Eyes by Josh Scott is our new six-week Bible study which begins on Wednesday May 3 and Thursday May 4. Come join us for this six-week study if you are ready to consider how to take these stories seriously but not literally.

Groups meet on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. online over Zoom, or Thursday mornings at 11 a.m. in person at the church. No matter how much you know or don’t know, you are welcome to join us in prayer and study together! To purchase a book for $10, contact Pastor Katie at (920) 437-8121 or email