A Message from the Generosity Team

We’re excited to share with you the transformation of our Stewardship Committee to the Generosity Team.

Stewardship is more than just a three-week pledge period every fall, and generosity is more than filling the offering plate on Sunday mornings. Stewardship and generosity combined are a year-round consciousness of our mission as a church to Inspire All to Love and Serve with Christ. Our makeover to the Generosity Team is more than just a name change, we’re looking to bring a substantive shift in the work we do for the church.

Moving forward the Generosity Team will be responsible for coordinating the year-round stewardship ministry of our church. This includes not just the annual stewardship campaign, but all requests for financial gifts. Our primary role will be to develop and implement a plan to highlight and celebrate our congregation’s generous spirit and to share opportunities to invest in the life and mission of the work we are all called to do. A key component of this work will be celebrating the gifts being made and the people who are giving them. To show the impact of your generosity we will be gathering and sharing stories of mission and ministry impact throughout the year.

We look forward to sharing not just our plans with you, but the stories showing what we can achieve when we are able to build a year-round, spiritually based culture of generosity, and the lives we’re impacting.