2023 Season of Lent


Meeting Jesus at the Table

So much of Jesus’ ministry happened at the table, sharing meals and telling stories and joining people in their everyday lives. As we journey through the season of Lent this year, we will focus on scriptures about meals, about eating and drinking, about hospitality, and about what the sacrament of communion means for us. Each Sunday this month we will celebrate communion together in worship—different breads, different liturgy, nuances of meaning, but the same sacrament. We will serve by passing trays down the aisles or by walking forward to receive; we will taste a bread similar perhaps to what manna was like; we will pray with ancient words and contemporary ones. Join us for this special season leading up to Holy Week and Easter.

Would you like to dig deeper into the scriptures that will guide our worship services? Do you have a favorite communion hymn? Have you always wondered about the parts of the Great Prayer of Thanksgiving? Our adult Bible study groups are reading together the book Meeting Jesus At the Table by Cynthia Campbell and Christine Coy Fohr during this season as well. The groups meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm online via Zoom or Thursday morning at 11:00 in person at church. Purchase a book from Pastor Katie for $10 and come join us.